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Ron Flynn is a 5th generation native of Winnetka, Illinois, where his ancestors settled in 1868, before the Village of Winnetka was founded.

Over the past 40+ years, he has authored hundreds of feature and technical articles, columns, and reports covering various areas of his expertise.

Mr. Flynn is a professional consultant and horticulturalist. Starting in the early 1960s, he has authored countless technical papers, reports and articles on subjects pertaining to the maintenance and management of the home landscape.

For a number of years, Mr. Flynn was a landlord. In that capacity he wrote articles on rental property management, and wrote computer software for analyzing and evaluating the profitability of rental property.

Ron is a licensed (now inactive) amateur radio operator (HAM). For many years, he wrote technical and feature articles on the subject of amateur slow scan television (SSTV). He was the managing editor of SSTV Today magazine, and a monthly columnist for WorldRadio magazine.

He has been a genealogical hobbyist for about 10 years, and has authored five illustrated family history books.

Finally, Mr. Flynn has been an avid collector of many things from postage stamps to oriental rugs. For over 30 years he has collected antique prints, and sold antique print for a number of  years. Over the past few years, Ron has written numerous articles about many areas of antique print collecting, as they pertain to the works of John James Audubon. In his spare time, he enjoys doing statistical research as the basis for his published Audubon Price Guides.

Ron is now retired and living in Holland, Michigan, with his wife, Patricia, who is a professional watercolorist.


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