Recommended Audubon Print Dealers


by Ron Flynn


Updated March, 2009


Dealers who sell Audubon prints, both original and reproductions, range in size from small local Mom and Pop art galleries and frame shops to the largest antique map and print dealers. There are probably thousands of dealers and galleries in the U.S. who sell Audubon prints at retail. There are hundreds who sell cheap reproduction posters, but they will not be included here. Audubon print dealers who have retail stores will most certainly also have an Internet website. Other Audubon dealers will do virtually all their business over the Internet or at shows, but a few may have galleries in their homes that are open by appointment. Audubon print prices vary widely from dealer to dealer for many reasons. I suggest trying several dealers, whether you are buying or selling Audubon prints. The additional information that is found in some listings below was voluntarily provided by those dealers.  




I have had personal experiences with the recommended Audubon print dealers listed below, and highly recommend them. They are among the best in this Country. Still, my recommendation is no guarantee that you will find the print you want at the price you want. Nor is it a guarantee that you will be able to sell a print to one of these dealers, and at the price you want. 


Listed alphabetically -



Antique Nature Prints                                    URL - 

3807 F  12th Court South                               Phone - 205-251-7353

Birmingham, AL  35222                                 J. Gilbert Johnston


Sells prints from all five (5) original Audubon editions. Authorized Audubon Centennial Edition dealer. Interested in purchasing prints from all original Audubon editions, and accepts consignments.

Audubon Centennial Edition                           URL -

Zebra Publishing, LLC                                    Phone - 1-561-882-4456
321 53rd Street                                                Toll Free - 1-877-691-4293
West Palm Beach, FL 33407                           Bob Hall or Randy Matthews


Sells The Audubon Centennial Edition

Audubon House & Tropical Gardens            URL -

205 Whitehead Street                                    Toll Free - 877-294-2470

Key West, FL 33040                                      Phone - 305-294-2116

Audubon Images                                             URL –

796 Holly Creek Dr.                                       Phone –

Holland, MI  49423                                        Ron Flynn

email -


FREE images of all 655 Audubon 1st edition octavo bird and quad prints, plus Audubon's and Bachman's original text for each bird and mammal.

Audubon Information                                      URL –

796 Holly Creek Dr.                                       Phone –

Holland, MI  49423                                        Ron Flynn

email -


FREE informative articles on Audubon editions and prints, plus information for antique print collectors

Audubon Prices                                               URL –

796 Holly Creek Dr.                                       Phone –

Holland, MI  49423                                        Ron Flynn

email -


Sells individual pamphlets, books and CD-ROMs with Price Guides for all original Audubon Editions, plus the Amsterdam, Abbeville, Leipzig and Loates Editions.

Audubon Prints and Books Ltd. Ptrs.         URL -

9720 Spring Ridge Lane                             Phone – 703-759-5567

Vienna, Virginia 22182                               Ed Kenney


Sells all 5 original Audubon Editions, plus other modern reproduction editions. A complete retail catalogue is available through the website. A private Washington DC area gallery is open by appointment. Generally buys complete sets, intact volumes and large collections. Inquiries from sellers of individual Havell, Bien, Folio Quad, as well as small collections of 1st Edition Octavos, are welcome.

Beaux Arts                                                    URL -

1505 Hi Line Drive                                       Phone (toll free) 1-877.741.1555        
Dallas, Texas 75207                                     Max Gross


Sells Audubon Havell and Imperial Folio facsimiles. Also has some original Audubon prints for sale.

CIRQLAR                                           under construction

2826 Franklin Blvd.                                     Phone - 216-408-2015

Cleveland, OH  44113                                 P. Scott Francis

email - 


One of the best eBay sellers of Audubon prints. Sells original Audubon octavos, and various modern Audubon DEF Editions.                          

29 Cedar Street                                            Phone - 802-318-1746                                            

Essex, Vermont 05452                                 Terry Wright


Sells Audubon octavo birds plus Amsterdam, Loates and Institute de France Editions. Buys original Audubon Havell prints

Joel Oppenheimer Inc.                                        URL -

(formerly Kenyon-Oppenheimer)                        Phone - 312-642-5300

410 N. Michigan Ave.                                          Joel Oppenheimer

Chicago, Illinois   60611                                       Sarah Reed, gallery director 


They sell all 5 original Audubon Editions, plus their facsimile Field Museum Edition of 50 best Audubon Birds of America. Included in the price of any Audubon print you buy is any necessary restoration and conservation work. Octavo prints are mounted in a museum quality mat at no charge, if desired. They actively buy all original Audubon prints, generally at 50% of retail value based on the condition the print is in. They sell prints on consignment with a 30% fee, and an open-ended net realized price to consignee. They will consider trades or exchanges, as a retail sale.

Lowry-James Rare Prints & Books             URL -

101 Anthes                                                     Phone - 360-221-0477

Langley, WA 98260                                       Email -                                 

On Whidbey Island                                        Priscilla Lowry


Generally sells Havell, Folio Quads and 1st Edition Octavo Birds and Quads. Buys mostly original sets, intact volumes and large collections. They are always interested in hearing from folks who would like to sell or consign their original Audubon prints.

Martino Publishing                                        Email -
P.O. Box 373                                                  Phone - 1-860-974-2277
Mansfield Centre, CT 06250                        Maurizio Martino


Sells the Martino Edition print LLC                                    URL -

3213 Duke Street   #277                                Phone - 703-823-7436

Alexandria VA 22314                                     Leslie Kostrich

Not a gallery, for mail and deliveries ONLY


Sells all 5 original Audubon Editions, and a limited selection of facsimile bird editions. Website provides a complete catalogue; visitors welcome by appointment.  Buys all original Audubon prints; especially looking for Havells, Biens and groups or sets of bird octavos.  Always interested in unique Audubon-related items.  Will consider consignments or trades of better folio prints.

Princeton Audubon Limited                           URL -

PO Box 26                                                      Phone - 908-813-2397               

Schooleys Mountain, NJ  07870                   Ed Ziegle


Sells the Princeton Audubon Collection – high quality facsimile reproductions of selected Birds of America and Viviparous Quadrupeds, plus original watercolor reproductions. Also sells all original Audubon Editions and the Amsterdam Edition. Will accept some prints on consignment for a flat 10% fee.                                             URL -

3112 Windsor Rd.  #A123                             Phone - 512-458-6658

Austin, TX 78703                                           Ben Frishman


Sells all 5 original Audubon Editions. Buys individual Havell, Bien, Folio Quad, and groups of (rarely individual) 1st Edition Octavos. No consignment sales. No appraisals or authentications, for fee or free, are done. To determine desirability for any print you want to sell, you fill out a form on the website, and also submit an image of your print. Prices paid for prints are based upon quality, condition and popularity of image, plus price history and how long it is expected to take to sell.

Rare Prints Gallery                NOW CLOSED !

420 Main Street   

Franklin, TN 37064               Warren Baggett

Tam O’Neill Fine Arts                                    URL -

311 Detroit St.                                                 Toll Free - 800-428-3826

Denver, Colorado 80206                                 Phone – 303-355-7711


Sells all 5 original Audubon Editions. They are interested in buying Octavo sets and individual Havell, Bien and Folio Quad prints. Depending on customer’s time limits, they will make an offer for outright purchase, or offer a consignment agreement, usually at a 20% fee. Offers to purchase are based on how much they like the print, condition, and supply in the marketplace at the time.

Taylor Clark Gallery                                      URL -

2623 Government St.                                      Toll Free – 888-725-5251

Baton Rouge, LA  70806                                Phone – 225-383-4929               

The Old Print Shop, Inc.                                URL – 
150 Lexington Avenue                                   Phone - 212-683-3950
New York NY 10016                                      Harry S. Newman

Sells all 5 original Audubon Editions, but no facsimiles or reproductions. Also carries Audubon reference books. Buys original Audubon prints at about 50% of retail, but more for valuable prints, and less for more common prints, depending on subject, color and condition. Will sell Audubon prints on consignment with 25% fee.

The Philadelphia Print Shop                                 URL –

8441 Germantown Avenue                                   Phone – 215-242-4750

Philadelphia, PA 19118                                        Christopher Lane


Sells the 5 original Audubon Editions, plus the Princeton-Audubon reproductions. Buys original Audubon prints at a price that is both fair to the seller and allows a reasonable profit to be made, factoring in condition, coloring, margins and how long it might take the print to sell. Will consider consignments or trades for the most desirable images.




I have listed alphabetically a number of other Audubon print dealers. All inventory some Audubon prints. Some may specialize, or only have prints from certain editions. I have at least spoken on the phone or had email communications with most of them. However, I have not done any significant business with any of them. If you cannot find something from the above dealers, shop around and try these.


Audubon UK


Bremmer Fine Art


Cheryl Newby Gallery  


Culberson Fine Art and Framing

Matt Culberson


Darvill’s Rare Prints


Davidson Galleries


Early River Gallery  


Fine Rare Prints


Gilley’s Gallery


Haley & Steele


Heritage Historical Prints






Patrick Jolly Fine Art


Primitive Pieces


The Antiquarium


Trillium Antique Prints

Corey Baggett


Vintage World Antique Maps & Prints

Neil Street


William R. Talbot Fine Art                        






I have had personal experiences with the following dealers and galleries, and I cannot recommend them.


Arader Galleries in New York, Philadelphia, Houston, Denver and San Francisco    

W. Graham Arader III          READ MORE

Discovery Editions prints

New York, NY

Donald A. Heald Rare Books

A.K.A. - Audubon Galleries

New York, NY

The Ronstadt Editions

Rebecca Ronstadt

Specialty Historical Prints

Ken Woody

Institute de France Edition

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